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BLS is a high-end export brand of Huayi Group. We have our own factory-Huayi plastic spraying industry, who specializes in manufacturing and developing accessories for perfume bottle product, which related in perfume sprayer, crimp pump, treatment pump, Aluminum caps, perfume bottle caps, plastic sample bottle, perfume atomzier and other accessories for perfume bottle packaging. Considering the product quality as its life source, our factory invest own oxidaiton plant, we utilizes most advanced full-auto production equipment and full-auto inspection equipment to produce each order. We also invest dust free workshop to produce high-end product to meet clients’ request.

Wholesale Perfume Vialsin bulk

Perfume glass vial is a kind of perfume bottle which with small volumes. They are more suitable for sample perfume bottle. The vials has a wide choice of mouths, they can match screw sprayer, crimp pump, push on pump , plugs, roller ball and caps. We also supply kinds of decorations,such as frosting, coating, screen printing, hotstamping , pad printing, transfer printing, hand polish, and fire polish…etc. Please contact us to choose perfume glass vial for your project.

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Glass Vial Bottle Sizes

We offer 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 7ml, 8ml, 10ml, 12ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 40ml perfume glass vial wholesale. we can choose the different volume and different bottle diameter.

Glass Perfume Vial Closures

We offer an assortment of closures to accommodate the dispensing needs of different types of perfume glass vial products and brands. They include sprayers, rollers with caps, dropper cap and embellished perfume bottle lids.

Glass vial Bottle Neck Dimensions

We can supply perfectly matched nozzles to suit the different diameters of the bottles. On glass vial bottle neck finish options, we offer screw-on ,crimp type , cap and plastic plug finishes.

Glass Vial Bottle Colors

We manufacture both clear and colored perfume vial bottles. The clear designs comprise plain, crystal, and embellished options. The colored designs include blue,green,brown and black perfume bottles wholesale, among many others.

glass Vial bottle decoration finishes

On decorative finishes, we provide various choices including decals and transfers, etching, frost, hot stamping, crackled finish, screen printing, spray painting, electroplating glass perfume bottles wholesale.

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This is my 39 orders from BLS. During the whole process of purchasing, BLS made me feel very safe. Their salesman are very professional,and They will follow up the production schedule and keep me updated. All I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods.
I have been working with BLS for 5 years now.I am glad that I chose them from the begining. Our customers are satisfied with their products.As a big wholesale in my country. I import glass perfume bottle, perfume tester bottle, essential oil bottle, mist sprayer and cream pump from them.I suggest you try their products as well.
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The Whole Process of Producing Perfume Vial.

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#1 Prepare Raw Materials for Making Perfume Vial

We prepare the glass tubes according to the requirements of the order. The size and thickness of the glass tubes are vary from order to order.

Glass vial factory

#2 Production of Perfume Bottles

The glass tube is cut by high temperature and made into the volume required by the order, and the bottle neck size is produced according to the sprayer or cap size, such as screw sprayer, crimp pump, screw caps, roller ball cap, dropper cap and plastic plug.The bottle will also be sterilized by high temperature during this process.

Glass Vail Factory

#3 Make Decoration Finishes of Perfume Vials

In order to do the brand effect for our customers, we provide various choices about decorative finishes, such as decals and transfers, etching, frost, hot stamping, crackled finish, screen printing, spray painting, electroplating glass perfume vials wholesale.

Glass Vial Manufacturer

#4 Inspection and Packaging Perfume Vials

Before packaging, we will inspect the test tube bottles one by one, we will pick out any bottles that are not within the required diameter and have stains and scratches on the surface. Then the bottles are neatly arranged and packaged in small trays with plastic seals and finally packed into boxes.

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Wholesale perfume vials in China

BLS is one of the leading glass perfume vials manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our fancy perfume bottles are environmentally-friendly and UV-protected to help maintain the quality of your perfume products. We offer them in various sizes and decorative finishes to give your products a premium look.

Improve your brand’s image and grow your business with our affordable and unique wholesale perfume glass vials. Reach out to us now so we can help you in designing your ideal Chinese perfume bottles. 

Glass Vial Companies in China

The bottle you use for packaging your perfume products will affect how your customers will perceive your product. Thus, you need a trustworthy custom perfume packaging bottle manufacturer and supplier to guarantee that your perfume packaging will attract your target customers. BLS can help you improve your branding strategy by providing you with elegant wholesale perfume spray bottles, perfume oil bottles , perfume glass vial & perfume roller bottles.

The test tube perfume bottle is an important kindof perfume bottle, its main feature is used for perfume sample trial fitting, the capacity can be from 0.5ml to 50ml. The cap of perfume glass vial can be cork, lid,s screw mist sprayer, crimp pump and push on pump, etc. We supply all kinds of closures and capacities for your choice. you can buy perfume bottles from BLS in buk to minimize your expenses.

Despite the rising innovations when it comes to containers and bottles, glass is still the preferred material for perfume bottles. Due to the alcohol content of perfumes, glass perfume bottles can properly contain the fragrant liquid without contamination. Glass perfume bottles also do well in retaining the scent for a longer time, extending the life of the perfume. The use of glass perfume bottles gives the product an upscale appearance, giving the product more value.

As glass perfume bottles bring an upscale appearance to the product, you can use that feature to boost brand recognition and value. Add decorative finishes to the glass perfume bottle through decorating techniques like frosting or ice cracking to allow the product to stand out. Add customized labeling to the glass perfume bottle, as well as play around with the colors, to get a final look that properly describes your brand to the market.

Choose from a wide selection of lids and closures to complete the look for your glass perfume bottle. As a professional manufacturer of perfume accessroies, We provide sprayer,stoppers, lids, roller ball, droppercap to match perfume glass vial as a set.  We also provide service of finish decoration and packaging for perfume glass vial set to meet your brand request.

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