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Wholesale glass roller bottlesin bulk

Glass roller bottles are perfect for packaging essential oils and fragrances, BLS offers a large selection of miniature and portable glass roller bottles. We have glass roller bottles in a variety of color shades and size capacities. Our glass bottles come in amber,blue,green,black and clear to help preserve the quality of essential oils and perfumes. We offer smaller volume glass roller bottles to make them portable and you can choose from 2mL to 20mL. Glass roller bottles have a secure and reliable seal. They are sealed with plastic or steel caps. In addition, you can choose their roller bottles to be made of steel, plastic or glass. If you need to customize your glass roller bottles. Please send us an inquiry and our team experts will assist you with your needs!

Can’t Find Ideal Essential Oil Roller Bottles For Your Project?

We supply more than than 50 types roll on perfume bottles, Contact our consultants for more avaliable products.

Why Pick BLS Foudaiton Bottle Packaging ?

Package Design From Concept To Commercialization

Our expert design team handles packaging and design solutions from start to end to deliver a full packaging service. They work with you to create the best bottle design for your product by combining product design and visual branding. There are also matching closures and package artwork available.

Custom Decorating & Labeling

Our expert glass artisans work with the design team to turn design concepts into reality. They use a range of artistic techniques, such as color coating and spray paint to creat glass bottles that stand out in the market and grab the attention of your target customers.

Streamlined Supply Chain of whole set foudation bottle

We manufacture cream pump and caps in own factory to shorten the often lengty manufacturing supply chain. We continuously research and reduce costs through internal optimization processes. Reduce transportation costs by purchasing locally packaging material to avoid delays problem.

Warehousing and logistics Solutions

We use our order system and delivery options for our orders. And make sure the products are delivered on schedule . We also supply logistics service. Multiple and fast logistics methods save you time costs and money costs.

GetRoller ball essential oil in Bulk Step by Step

Step 1

Respond to your inquiry within 12 hours

As a wholesale supplier of  glass empty roll on bottles, BLS serves customers by responding to their inquiries in less than 12 hours. If you have any questions about order specifications or order delivery, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.

Step 2

Customized empty roller bottles for you

BLS is known for manufacturing custom oil roller bottles according to customer needs. No matter what shape, color, dimension or size you want your empty roller bottles to be, BLS has a unique design for you.

Step 3

Achieving efficient roll on perfume bottles manufacturing

BLS’s glass roll on bottles manufacturing process is very efficient. The final product in durability, safety, performance to meets your needs.

Step 4

Satisfy glass roll on bottles packaging based on your requirement

Whatever your requirements are, be it roller ball vials, amber roller bottles, sample essential oil bottle, aromatherapy roll on bottles or any of them, BLS’s essential oil roller bottles will impress you as a buyer.

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Wholesale Roll on Perfume Bottles

If you are planning to order essential oil roller bottles in bulk, then look no further! BLS has a factory in China that covers 1,000,000 square feet, enough to contain all of the resources needed to produce glass empty roll on bottles you are looking for . We are equipped with the latest production machinery that allows us to make half a million of glass roller bottles just in one day.

Apart from this, ordering from BLS offers you the following benefits:

1# We Offer Free Samples

We offer free samples for you to examine our quality oil roller bottles products directly. Our free samples can also help you in coming up with new ideas for your packaging.

If you already have a design or demo product, let our design experts know about it! We will make a made-to-order glass roll on bottles.

#2 Comprehensive Quality Control

After the manufacturing process, all of our glass containers will go through extensive quality control to make sure that only those perfectly made are dispatched. Each glass container is checked for any defects and if there are any, we will make a complete report for it so we can avoid such issues in the future.

With our comprehensive quality control, we can guarantee you the quality and reliability of your glass roller bottles.

#3 Logistics Services

We have many cooperative logistics companies, we can provide you with cheap ocean freight or DDU charges to save you your import cost. We guarantee that you will receive our quality assured products safely.

Custom Glass Roller Bottles

We offer customization services for oil roller bottles. You can provide your design or demo product , and our customization team will prepare a sample of your expected product for your confirmation. We accept custom orders for wholesale glass roller bottles and we will do our best to provide you with the best packaging for your business!

Glass material is used instead of plastic, because it does not get eroded by oil. It also has good barrier properties. Oxygen cannot penetrate the contents inside. Even with repeated use, it is still considered safe and hygienic. Its composition works well against corrosion, chemicals and acids. It is also our mission to maintain sustainability through recycled glass bottles, as glass roller bottles are often disposable products.

You can find all kinds of glass roll on bottle from BLS, we aims to provide the best designed products. Courtesy of our talented team of designers, we can satisfy what you visualize. Sizes, colors, finishes, and styles are all available in different variations. This enables an individual to make the product more personalized to his or her liking. Also, our different decorating techniques can enhance the look, feel and appeal of the chosen product.

The BLS facility is dedicated to the production of high quality plastic lids and electrified aluminum lids. There are a large number of different styles and sizes of caps to match different glass roller bottles. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and cap styles. Pick from aluminum, metallic or matte finishes for added appearance and appeal.

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