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Perfume Bottle Supplier in China

BLS devote ourselves to the perfume packaging industry with self-owned factory huayi which establish in 2005. We engaged in the production and distribution a broad range of perfume and cosmetic packaging products. Our main products are perfume bottles, essential oil bottls, glass vials, perfume atomizer,  foudation bottle, perfume sprayer, cream pump, perfume bottle lids, diffuse bottle, cosmetic jar, hand sanitizer bottle etc. Our mission is to help all of our partners to get excellect quality cosmetic packaging products, keep stable supplying with competitive price and on time service.   

Supply Glass Perfume Bottle in bulk

                            BLS has more than 1000 in-stock wholesale perfume glass bottle designs that you can choose from us. They cater to different shapes for your different project.

BLS supply all series of Perfume glass bottle for your perfume packaging, The types can be screw neck and crimp neck, the standard neck size of bottles are FEA 13, FEA 15, FEA 18, FEA 20, And capacity can be 20ml, 25ml, 30ml,50ml, 60ml, 80ml 90ml, 100ml. We also supply full decoration finishes for perfume bottles, such as frosting, coating, screen printing, hotstamping , pad printing, transfer printing, hand polish, and fire polish…etc. You’re welcome to contact us to choose perfume glass bottle for your project. 

Can’t Find Ideal Glass Perfume Bottle For Your Project?

We supply thousands types perfume bottle, Contact our consultants for more avaliable products.

Choose BLS - The real veteran in the industry

 We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering  quality perfume packaging products that meet all your needs.     

With 17 years of experience, BLS is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.        

  Need proof ? Why don’t you contact us and advise your request for us to serve you? 

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Choose one type perfume bottle to boosting your perfume sales today.

Customize Your Perfume Glass bottle at BLS

Glass Perfume Bottle Sizes

We offer 10ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml perfume glass bottles wholesale. You are also welcome to order custom sizes whenever you need them.

Glass Perfume Bottle Closures

We offer an assortment of closures to accommodate the dispensing needs of different types of perfume products and brands. They include , sprayers, rollers with caps, dropper cap and embellished perfume bottle lids.

Glass Perfume Bottle Shapes

Our perfume bottle shapes range from circular to square and one-of-a-kind shapes like our shoe bottle design.

Glass Perfume Bottle Neck Dimensions

BLS perfume bottles have minimized neck lengths to make spraying much easier. The necks are, however, sizeable enough to hold the corresponding closures of our perfume bottles.

Glass Perfume Bottle Colors

We manufacture both clear and colored perfume bottles. The clear designs comprise plain, crystal, and embellished options. The colored designs include blue,green,brown and black perfume bottles wholesale, among many others.

glass perfume bottle decoration finishes

On perfume glass bottle neck finish options, we offer screw-on ,crimp type and cap finishes. On decorative finishes, we provide various choices including decals and transfers, etching, frost, hot stamping, crackled finish, screen printing, spray painting, electroplating glass perfume bottles wholesale.

The Whole Process Of Producing Glass Perfume Bottle

This is what we do when it comes to making perfume glass bottle

Raw Material Prepare

Purchase raw material of bottle for confirmed order.

Matching and Checking

Reconfirm the size of the nozzle and cap according to the bottle.

Bluk Production Time

Put right mold of glass bottle in produciton when the proper weight is coming. 

Decoration if your order needed

We will decorate your bottle such as printing, simulated etch,metallisation, hot foil stamping, stone effect, spraying based on your order.

We will decorate the sprayer and cap such as printing, inner spraying, UV coating based on your order.

QC time

Our QC team will check the product to make sure you will received qualified goods. 


Pack the goods as your order request.

Full Solution ofPerfume Glass bottle Decoration Finishes

We provide multiple decoration procedures to improve the appearance of your products.

Trusted World Class Companies

More than 3,000 companines from 65 countries trust us, then count is increasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer here, please kindly contact us.

We are a professional manufacturer in china, over 17 years of professional perfume bottle accessories,  We have two companies, one is ZHANGJIAGANG HUAYI SPRAYING PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD that manufactured products. And another one is ZHANGJIAGANG BAOLISHENG IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD that is for import and export.

1st confirmation: BLS will send you free samples and good quality speaks for itself!


2nd confirmation: Before the bulk order, we can provide pre-production samples according to your demands. During production, you are welcome to check by video at any time, or a third-party inspection agency to inspect the goods before shipment.
3rd confirmation : If there is indeed a normal defective rate of product after our successful cooperation, we will arrange the same amount of high quality products to try our best to reduce your money loss and deadline risk.

No moq, but In order to save your precious time and energy, and considering the opportunity cost of our factory, we do not recommend the small
batch cooperation model, but we will provide you with the most suitable solutions with the right number according to your actual
requirements and out factory real situation. The win-win cooperation is the ultimate goal of BLS!

It is highly appreciated that you can provide us with detailed designs and your business ideas. We design and build each project according to the needs of individual customers, so as to establish a long-term cooperative and win-win partnership. We focus on creating high-quality innovative and environmentally responsible designs for you to highlight the advantages of your products.

BLS can send free samples. If the cost of express delivery is high, we will discuss with the customer whether we will share the cost of sample transportation or reduced in bulk order.

For most items, once we know the weight of the bottle, the size of the pump, the glass material and weight of the cap or the method of reduction of the glass bottle, printing requirements and quantity, we will quote you within 24 hours.

Good question.

Not lowest, but competitive.

People said, you get what you pay for.

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Perfume Bottles Suppliers in China

BLS is one of the leading wholesale empty perfume/fragrance glass bottles manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our fancy perfume bottles are environmentally-friendly and UV-protected to help maintain the quality of your perfume products. We offer them in various sizes and decorative finishes to give your products a premium look.

Improve your brand’s image and grow your business with our affordable and unique wholesale perfume glass bottles. Reach out to us now so we can help you in designing your ideal Chinese perfume bottles

Popular Perfume Bottles Wholesale at BLS

As one of the most trusted perfume spray bottle suppliers in China, BLS also accepts wholesale purchases for businesses that want to cut their expenses. Our glass perfume bottles factory can produce nearly a half-million glass bottles per day.  We have been manufacturing various perfume bottles products for more than 2 decades  so we can guarantee the reliability of our glass perfume bottle with the following advantages:

#1 More Design & Bottle Capacity Options

BLS’s perfume bottles are available in a wide array of designs, colors, and shapes from bottles with plain surfaces to textured ones. Their capacities range from 5ml to 100ml.

#2 Can Retain the Perfume’s Scent Longer

Glass bottles can contain the fragrance of perfumes properly because glass does not react with the alcohol content of perfumes. Thus, they can retain the perfume’s scent longer to extend its shelf life.

#3 Customizable Laleling & Decorative Finishes

We can add your preferred decorative finishes and labels to your own glass perfume bottles using modern decorating techniques such as ice cracking and frosting. These techniques allow your products to stand out more.

Custom Perfume Bottle Manufacturers

The bottle you use for packaging your perfume products will affect how your customers will perceive your product. Thus, you need a trustworthy custom perfume packaging bottle manufacturer and supplier to guarantee that your perfume packaging will attract your target customers. BLS can help you improve your branding strategy by providing you with elegant wholesale perfume spray bottles, perfume oil bottles , perfume glass vial & perfume roller bottles.

Clear perfume bottles are the most popular ones these days, but if you are looking for colored bottles, you can choose from our collection of stained gradient perfume bottles. BLS is also a mini perfume bottle and car perfume bottle manufacturer and supplier. They come in 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml capacities in different shapes and textures. We supply all kinds shapes for your choice, you can buy perfume bottles from BLS in buk to minimize your expenses.

Despite the rising innovations when it comes to containers and bottles, glass is still the preferred material for perfume bottles. Due to the alcohol content of perfumes, glass perfume bottles can properly contain the fragrant liquid without contamination. Glass perfume bottles also do well in retaining the scent for a longer time, extending the life of the perfume. The use of glass perfume bottles gives the product an upscale appearance, giving the product more value.

As glass perfume bottles bring an upscale appearance to the product, you can use that feature to boost brand recognition and value. Add decorative finishes to the glass perfume bottle through decorating techniques like frosting or ice cracking to allow the product to stand out. Add customized labeling to the glass perfume bottle, as well as play around with the colors, to get a final look that properly describes your brand to the market.

Choose from a wide selection of lids and closures to complete the look for your glass perfume bottle. As a professional manufacturer of perfume accessroies, We provide a stopper, a spray and a cover to match perfume bottle as a set.  We also provide service of finish decoration and packaging for perfume bottle set to meet your brand request.

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